Poolboy gets me wet

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Description: This video, which is one that I did for our Playboy TV show, is one that doesn't show too much hardcore (due to the parameters Playboy TV has), but I thought you guys would like to see it anyway. Please keep in mind when viewing it that Playboy TV Can't show fluids, so I do apologize for not being able to show the actual cum shot. It all started when I went shopping for Jimmy, he needed a new shirt for the interview segment for our Playboy TV show. I never thought while heading to the mall, that I was actually going to pick-up a guy for the Playboy shoot. You see, while I was in one of the clothing stores in the mall, I noticed this guy checking me out. I didn't have time to play my regular games, you know where I accidentally drop an item just to have to bend over to show off my pantiless bottom, I had only enough time to pick out a shirt and get back to the house where the Playboy TV Hosts were waiting.

So to make things move fastest I asked the guy (named Shaun) if he could model a shirt for me due to him being of the same proportions as my Husband Jim. He was nice enough to grant me the favor of trying on the shirt, which was just the right size and color, so as I looked down at his "Package" I commented that he was probably a little bigger than my husband. He laughed and the rest is as they say "history". He asked me what I was doing later, and I don't think he believed me when I told him I was actually having sex in front of a Playboy Crew, so I asked him if he wanted to come over to check it out first hand. Shaun followed me home and as it turned out I was able to incorporate him into one of the shoots we did. The Playboy Hosts thought it would be cool if we did a pool boy seduction scene out by the pool. Not wanting to disappoint them, I asked Shaun if he wanted 15 minutes of fame and my pussy. He smiled and I dressed into my skimpy bikini. I hope that all of you will forgive me for not showing any real hardcore shots in this video, due to the Playboy TV parameters, and remember that next week I will post a hardcore one for you.

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