Married secretary relieves boss

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Description: I just love saving the day in more ways than one. You see, a new friend of mine (see the video posted two weeks ago to see just how we met up) called me last minute to see if I could be his secretary temp, as his permanent secretary called out last minute. With my multi-talented experience, and not just in the bedroom, I was willing to help out Mr. Thomas for the day (notice how professional I am). Dressed in my business attire with my quick-witted mind, I caught on pretty quickly in his fast-paced environment. However, I noticed that Mr. Thomas appeared burdened with his workload as I stepped into his office to take some notes. My bedroom instinct detected that he needed some diversion to calm him down so that he could become more productive without being so overwhelmed.

I stealthily approached him and began massaging his shoulders as my long sexy legs covered in black thigh highs made contact with his legs. My tits popped their way out even more as his eyes touched them followed by his mouth and tongue. One thing led to another, and amidst the busy workplace, the only thing standing between us was his raging hard cock. Time was of the essence with the risk of someone walking in on us, so I had to quickly give Mr. Thomas the sexual relief he had built up. My mouth quickly made its way over to his cock as I got down on my knees where I began sucking his cock so good, but not too loud, as he squirmed with ecstasy. It must have been a mere five minutes or it seemed before he started cumming in my mouth. I didn't think there were any tissues around, so I figured him cumming in my mouth and on my hand was the quickest way to get rid of the evidence, allowing me to swallow all of it. In conclusion, I made Mr. Thomas, my boss, more relaxed, happy, and him wanting me to work for him! I love my new job!

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