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Description: With warmer weather, comes this insatiable sensation of having to be naughty outside. You know what I mean, let the exhibitionist in me come out and play in the sunny daylight. I love wearing my short summer dresses and being able to finally come out from hibernating indoors all winter. Well on the first real warm sunny day we had so far this Spring, I got a call from one of my boy-toys: Lex. He had called to ask me if I wanted to have some fun. I told him I would more than like to, but I would really enjoy it more if we could be adventurous outdoors. I know from a few conversations I have had with him that outdoor sex really turns him on too.

So it was no surprise that he agreed to take our sexual adventure outside for once. I told him to come over to my place where we would all leave together (Jimmy, Lex & of course... me!). We looked all around for a place to start this adventure and ended up at a state park where there were several fishermen and hikers. We wanted to be secluded, but not too secluded, as I wanted to be watched by someone. You know, what is the sense of being naughty outdoors in public if no one is going to see you. Right? Anyway, we found just the spot. It was just off the path that the fishermen use and in plain site of anyone coming up the path. Perfect! Lex started by going down on me, which was easy enough to do. All I did was lift my summer dress up, exposing my Pantiless pussy. Then I pulled down the top of the dress and exposed my braless tits. Did I mention I love the warm weather? It didn't take me long before Lex's perfect oral skills sent me over the top and I experienced my first orgasm of the day. Jimmy told me I had better by quiet or the entire park would hear me. That only made my orgasm that much more extreme, causing me to be that much louder. Finally it was my turn to switch roles with Lex and give him some of my oral skills. After only a few minutes of having my lips wrapped around his cock, I had him just about to cum. But wanting his cock inside me, I stopped and asked him to fuck me. When we were fucking, Jimmy kept an eye out and at times had to hide from onlookers. I didn't care and even caught one of the hikers watching me from a distance.

What a turn on to know I was being watched from some stranger I didn't even know. (I know that I am watched at times from strangers on my cam shows, but being out in public like I was seemed much more of a turn on.) Lex had me in several positions, and at times, I think he wanted to fuck me for as long as possible. I think deep down, he too wanted us to be caught by some strangers. When I finally made him cum, He exploded his cum all over my ass. Jimmy tried to catch it on camera as it dripped down my ass and onto my pussy lips. When Lex and I were finally done with our outdoor adventure, Jimmy wanted to have one back at the truck in the parking area. I know he too loves having sex outdoors not to mention sloppy seconds, (and let me tell you, my pussy was loose from Lex fucking me for so long) so I couldn't resist letting him use me to satisfy his sexual needs.

As you watch the second part of this video, (which was Lex's first time behind the camera, so be kind.) watch some of the fishermen come right up next to the truck as Jimmy is exposing me to them. You can also see men walking by as Jimmy is fucking me, not to mention the truck is swaying from him fucking me, which caused quit a stir from others in the parking lot. Enjoy another video of me being rewarded with two loads of cum, from two different guys! I will be posting many outdoor adventures to come, now that Summer is almost here!


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