A satisfying shower

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Description: This is one video that we had no intentions of making. I actually did the video work for this one, instead of Jimmy. Let me explain why. It started at the gym when Jimmy was working out with some of his bodybuilding friends and I was doing my usual boring cardio routine. Looking over at the guys, I started to daydream about all of them taking me at once in a gangbang style fuck session. Damn was I getting wet, and let me tell you, it wasn't from being sweaty from doing the cardio. When I was finished with the cardio portion of my work out, I decided to just hangout around the guys. Jimmy knew I was horny, he told me he could see it in my eyes. After the guys had finished up with their work out, Jimmy asked me if I wanted us to just shower at home. I told him yeah, but first he would to have to satisfy my horny pussy.

On the car ride home, I started to play with Jimmy's cock, making him hard and very excited. I probably could have gotten him off before we reach the condo, but I wanted to make sure I received equal attention, so I made sure not to make him cum just yet. When we reached the condo Jimmy jumped right in the shower. Hello, what had I told him? I needed an orgasm, and I meant NOW! So I grabbed the camera that was sitting on the side of our bed and came up with an idea of taping us in a shower scene. It makes me hornier when I know others will see me getting fucked! If there are any exhibitionists out there, you know exactly what I'm talking about: Better, Longer Orgasms!!!!!!!!!!! So I started the camera, and now you can pick up the rest of the story by viewing the video! I hope you enjoy!

Jimmy Sinclair

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