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Jimmy, you need to wait outside

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01/29/2017 | 07:04 | Categories:

Starring Barbi Sinclair, Jimmy Sinclair, Shawnny

This video caters to the cuckold fetish. Watch as Jimmy is made to leave the bedroom so that my boy-toy Shawnny and I could enjoy a quickie alone together. You see, my husband Jimmy, my boy-toy Shawnny and I were heading out to a concert, but before we left, I wanted to enjoy a quick orgasm (something about rock concerts bring out the sexual side in me). I waited until Shawnny arrived to ask him to fuck me, which is something I had already told my husband I wanted to do before leaving for the concert. Shawnny was in a funny mood, and told me he was going to make me beg for it, which is exactly what I did, he even made Jimmy say, "Yes, I want you to fuck my wife!" several times, which I found very erotic as I heard my husband telling another man, almost to the point of begging, that he indeed wanted him to fuck me.

I was ordered by Shawnny to get into the bedroom and assume his favorite pose (laying in the middle of the bed, naked and legs spread wide, for him to see that I am totally his for the fucking, I mean, taking) which I did as fast as I could. I could still hear Shawnny telling Jimmy that he was going to fuck his slut, but that it would have to be as quick as possible, even if it meant his pretty slut didn't reach an orgasm in the amount of time it took him to cum. Shawnny didn't stop there, when the two of them came into the bedroom, Jimmy to video tape the sex adventure, and Shawnny to fuck me, Shawnny told my husband to hand over the video camera and he would film it POV style. Jimmy handed over the video camera, but then thought he would stand at the foot of the bed to watch Shawnny using me like a slut. Shawnny didn't want Jimmy in the room and he made that point clear many times. Shawnny then told me that the only way he was going to fuck me was with Jimmy out of the room, so what is a slut wife to do but ask her husband to leave the bedroom and close the door behind himself, and this time Jimmy left.

With Shawnny and I alone in the room, I started to suck his cock, before he told me that we needed to get the party started and grabbed a rubber out of his pocket. He had a bit of trouble trying to fuck me with the video camera in his hand, so he grabbed the tripod and put the camera on it. Shawnny didn't hold out at all, which made for a quicker than normal quickie (at least in my mind that is) so there isn't much hardcore sex involved in the video, but there sure is plenty of eroticness in the point that the entire time Shawnny used me like a slut, my husband was on the other side of our matrimonial bedroom door! Shawnny made sure that Jimmy didn't even get to see the video tape until after the concert, which was awesome!

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