Modeling for nick

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Description: Modeling for Nick is the only thing I could come up for this title, as I had just been totally satisfied sexually by him. Nick, a hot and sexy guy who was working the pool bar as I tried to get a tan by lounging around the pool, is a shy one and therefore would not allow me to capture any of our time together on neither video nor photos. <p>Anyway, after the few hours of sexual bliss with Nick, we each got dressed in what we were wearing before they came off in a heated sexual rampage; Nick got dressed in his slacks and dress shirt, and I got dressed into the same lingerie I had on when he walked through the door of the hotel room. Prior to Nick leaving, Jimmy returned back to the hotel from his work meeting (Jimmy had an out of state work meeting, which was the reason we were in the hotel to begin with). When Jimmy asked if we wanted to have some more fun on camera, Nick looked over at me with a nervous look, at which point I told Jimmy, Nick would rather keep this adventure private. I then asked Nick if he wanted to stay to see me do a modeling shoot for Jimmy and his camera, and Nick excitedly replied that he would give anything to see that! When Jimmy had his camera ready, I chose a location to model for the two of them, and when I was done with my camera teasing, I partook in a very naughty threesome! Boy I love the \"Power of the Pussy\" ;)
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