Modeling boytoy's birthday gift

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Description: Like most women out there, I love getting gifts from men, and although I get a majority of my gifts from my husband, there is the occasion when I will get one from one of my boy-toys.<p>The gift you are about to see me model was one given to me by a boy-toy that I think may have had other intentions than just giving me a gift, as he asked as soon as I opened the nice box it came in, if I would model it for him. He also asked Jimmy, my husband, if he could take some photos of me in it so that he could show his buddies, and hang one of the more g-rated photos at his desk at work (he is an accountant, so his clients may not have liked a more risque one sitting on his desk... but then again...). Anyway, being the gift receiver, I thought it was only polite of me to model it in his presence, so I changed into it, which was of perfect size ;), and began to tease both him and Jimmy by slowly removing some of the items, which showed off all my naughty parts. After the photo shoot, I thanked my boy-toy in a more appropriate way, and as you might have expected, he told me he would bring more gifts in the future if he gets that kind of thank you! Now I must make Jimmy feel bad for not giving me a gift in a while, so I will leave you now, to enjoy the photos jimmy took of me posing for my boy-toy. ENJOY!
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