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Description: From time to time I get emails asking for hardcore photo sets. The problem with getting hardcore photo sets is this: When I get a guy who is willing for Jimmy to video tape the adventure, the last thing I want to do is a photo set with him, instead I always choose to do a video, and the reason is two fold. The first being: I think you guys as well as Jimmy, would like to see it as a video... not a photo set; and second, in the heat of our sexual desire, I would rather just indulge myself with my new flavored candy, as my husband Jimmy walks around the room capturing the erotic ecstasy with me and my present lover not even aware of his presents. So as you can see it doesn't give us a lot of time to do both, and as the sexual tension has already been delayed with some sort of awkwardness (me asking my present desire if I can tape the adventure for my website) <p>I just want to get started and enjoy what I have ever so patiently been desiring sexually! So as you can now see, I'm left with a dilemma, choose to do a photo set or capture the entire adventure on video. I know that you may see this as me being impatient and selfish, but keep in mind, I sometimes have seduced these guys at the mall, gym or even grocery store hours earlier, so I am usually dripping wet between my legs with anticipation of what's to cum!!!! I hope you can forgive me for that ;)
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