Milfs can make even plaid shirts sexy

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Description: Although I love dressing up in lingerie, sexy skirts and dresses, I also have my days where I'm dressed in plaid, yes plaid, shirts. Oh, and did I mention shorts to go along with my plaid shirt? I know, doesn't sound sexy, right, but who would have thought that a girl can look sexy in both? Jimmy loved the way I was dressed as he said there was something so sexy about leaving several buttons unbuttoned to show off my cleavage, and the short shorts that accentuate my legs. So anyway, I thought I would model Jimmy my outfit as he decided to take some pics and get super hard at the same time. How hot! I was so turned on looking at his bulge in his pants that I had to play with myself at the same time. I think plaid shirts have come a long way, and it's just a matter of how you wear them. At the conclusion of my photo shoot in my outfit, I had to suck Jimmy off and swallow all his cum, well almost all, as some dribbled on my tits and plaid shirt, lol.
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