Lounging in lingerie

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Description: “I hope that this simple photo of myself in just a bra and panty will entice you to want to meet up with me in the bedroom.” That may sound like a wishful dream on my part, but in fact that is what started this entire photo set. You see, I had my hubby Jimmy take a snap shot of myself with my iphone, so I could text my latest Boytoy that exact message. I figured if I attached an image of myself in nothing more than the bra and panty outfit, along with the sexting message, I could have some naughty fun with in the hour. <p>Poor Jimmy, thought I looked so hot, he actually went to his office and retrieved his camera so that he could take a lot more photos of me as I modeled on our new lounge chair. Talk about getting hot, as we were taking the photos, my Boytoy actually was on speakerphone. As Jimmy snapped his photos, I started to have phone sex with my Boytoy, which led to me playing with myself, and the result was one very erotic orgasm. I think the hottest part of all this, was the fact that while my hubby took the photos, and I was playing with myself, my Boytoy was actually talking dirty to me, as he was driving to my house. Once he arrived, I was all ready naked, which made getting naughty that much faster. In the end, I had one very awesome threesome with Jimmy and my Boytoy. Those of you, who follow me on Twitter, may have seen that photo which started all of this.
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