Climb to the top to show off

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Description: A climb to the top is only half of this adventure. Recently Jimmy and I wanted to see more of what Las Vegas had to offer besides casinos and malls, so we called a company that features adventure trips. When we finally decided on taking a hiking trip out to Mt Charleston, I didn't realize that the adventure would be so outdoorsy. Don't start to call me Blonde just yet! You see, I knew there would be hiking and some chance of seeing wild animals, but I didn't know that my fear of heights would play into the adventure. When you see the photos of me at the top of one of the mountaintops, you will see that I was quite high, and there was a chance of falling, as there was no railing to catch me if I did indeed misstep. Jimmy was a bit braver than I, as again you will see by viewing the photos, for he was at the top of the point taking these photos of me. <p> What was funny, is the fact that, I asked the adventure guide to take photos of me giving Jimmy head at the top of the mountain, and he replied, and I quote: \"I don't know if I am adventurous enough to take photos of the two of you doing such an act.\" After I laughed, I asked him if it was ok for Jimmy to take the photos of me giving him (the adventure guide) a blowjob? He again replied with what I thought was a funny answer: \"I don't think that is a good idea either, for I don't want to loose my job.\" Are you kidding me? Who is going to catch us way the hell out here? One thing I will add is the fact that the adventure guide didn't take his eyes off me the entire time I striped for Jimmy's Camera. Needless to say, when Jimmy and I returned back to the city, we had our own adventure, with the hotel windows open, for all voyeuristic city people to watch us! I just love adventurers!!!
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