Business park flash

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Description: Let me start by saying, if I haven't already, I love the West Coast as it gives me much more of an opportunity to flash and just be more myself (naughty self that is)! Since the weather is almost always sunny, and the temperatures are always in the 80's and 90's (sometimes in the 100's, but those days are few) I always get to wear what I call \"my naughty daytime mini-dresses\" which allow me to do just that: Be Naughty! These pics were taken just down the street from where my husband Jimmy works. The time was around 4:30pm so some of the workers were hanging around outside the offices, which led me to ask Jimmy if he had his camera in the truck. As you will soon find out, the answer to that question was YES, so I stepped outside the truck and started to be naughty. Knowing that several guys were looking at me as I lifted my dress up for Jimmy and his camera, I turned towards them to give them a better look when I heard the whistles the guys were making.<p> I walked all around the business park, flashing all the guys who wanted a better look, including some older guy who had thrown out a bag of trash in the near-by dumpster (the bag was not even close to being full, and for that matter, it looked as if he had thrown out an empty garbage bag). I guess he just wanted to get closer to the action. I did get a little (if a handjob counts as being naughty that is) with one of the young guys that worked at the truck center towards the end of the building. Talk about hot. Unfortunately, he didn't want to be photographed during any such act, and for that matter, he didn't even want Jimmy to watch either. Good thing I am the naughty Slut Wife that I am, and that my loving husband doesn't mind when I want a little side action. Anyway, I hope that you like the flashing photo set and I will add that with Summer just starting, I will be doing a ton of these sets in the future. ENJOY!
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