2010 new years dress

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Description: This year Jimmy and I were invited to three New Year's Parties, which was a bit out of the norm for us, as when we lived on the East Coast, we only went to one. We didn't have to go to all three, but in the end, we felt we had to at least make an appearance at each of them. For a woman this meant shopping for the perfect New Year's Dress that would fit within the realms of the three parties. You see, one of the parties was a home party, and the other two were at banquet halls. The hunt for the perfect mini dress was one of exhibitionistic and voyeur heaven, as each time I tried on a mini dress, I had to come out of the dressing room to show either my best friend Karen, or my husband Jimmy, when I could actually get him to go shopping with me that is. <p>I loved the looks some of the other men in the store would give me when I actually tried to see if I could flash enough in each of the mini dresses (the perfect New Year's Dress is one that I could flash many a men in). When you see these photos of the actual dress I chose to wear to the parties, you will see it allowed me the perfect amount of flashing my pussy and ass in. These photos I decided to do in the elevator, as I really wanted to get a mirror look of how much I flashed while bending over. The bottle of champagne I drank with Karen, Marco (Karen's Date), and Jimmy before we started the night of party hopping, which started to make my pussy tingle with excitement of what was to become of the night... which was the most incredible limo sex of a lifetime!
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