Caught cheating in the shower

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Description: As many of you long time members know, I recently moved out West, after putting up with the East Coasts winters for the last time. Anyway, when Jimmy and I were moving into our new house, I noticed that one of the next-door neighbors was this muscle bound hunk, who's name is Zeb. Without going into too many of the small details of how I managed to hook my next-door neighbor into some naughty fun, I will just say that it all started out with some pretty harmless flirting, you know, a wave here and a wink there! It started to get more interesting when I found out Zeb was going to the same gym as Jimmy and I, as I found myself working out almost everyday at the same time as Zeb (keep in mind that Jimmy is at work when I normally work out).<p> After some small talk and bump-ins at the gym, we started to flirt with one another, which led to many sexual adventures. Some of these adventures were in the bedroom, some of them were in the shower, and some of them never made it to be caught on video due to the spontaneity of the lustfulness which sometimes ended up with our workout shorts being pulled down to our ankles as I sat in the passenger side of either his car or mine with my legs spread open for him to enter. Here I go again getting myself worked up as I try to write an intro to this photo set showing many different sexual adventures with my sexy neighbor! Pardon me as I find my Hitachi Wand (the greatest adult toy in the world) to satisfy this now uncontrollable sexual urge burning within me!
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