Breakin' in a bachelor pad

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Description: I don't know what it is about Bachelor Pads that make men fantasize about having one, but they seem to all have the same goal, to lure women into them and then seduce them into getting naked for pure animalistic sexual encounters. The guys I recently met are in quest of the same results I mention earlier, and one of them has a very nice package that may do more for bringing women to being sexually subordinates than the indoor hot tub. It may be one thing to have a lavish Bachelor Pad (something these guys have dreams of making their newly acquired Bachelor Pad into), but if you have the body and package this guy has, it may do more for bringing women the desire the need to return for more... like me... who at this time writing this video intro, is fantasizing about how I can get an invite back for more of that BBC!<p> Now let me tell you how I became the first woman to break-in a newly formed Bachelor pad. You see, it was quite an interesting day, at the last minute I was asked to break in a bachelor pad by posing for some naughty photos (little did I know that it would involve some very nice BBC stretching out my tight little pussy). Anyway, Jimmy knows Kaneda from working out with him numerous times at the gym, and although I work out at the same gym routinely, I had never meet Kaneda before this night. After Jimmy worked out with him in the morning, Kaneda learned that I was some sort of pornstar (I guess to him, even an internet amateur like myself falls into the \"Pornstar\" category). Accordingly, he begged Jimmy to ask me if I could break in his Bachelor Pad by taking some nude photos around his new pad. So the next thing I knew when Jimmy got home and we were enjoying our dinner, was him telling me we had a place to go after we finished eating. I asked where, but Jimmy told me I would find out shortly. I then asked him if I would need to bring anything, and all he said was that I may need to change into something a little bit more revealing (I knew from that answer that I was indeed in for some naughty slut wife action... Yay!!! <p>I got dressed in the outfit you see in the video, as well as the photos taken before the night started to heat up ;) When Jimmy told me the real reason we were heading over to Kaneda's Bachelor Pad was to take some erotic photos while Kaneda and his roommates watched, I started to get so turned on knowing in a matter of a short time I would be posing nude in front of who knows how many men. When we entered Kaneda's Bachelor Pad, I immediately started to drip from my pussy hoping that I would not leave until I got new cock. Some of the guys didn't want to be in the photos, in fact only two of them accepted my offer to pose with me; the other guys just watched silently from the side lines.<p> When I was about done with the photos, Kaneda asked if he could show me around the rest of the Bachelor Pad, I accepted knowing damn well he had all the intentions of showing me more than just the house. I can truthfully say, that Kaneda and his roommates were not the only ones sexually stimulated that night, as I was granted one of the nicest BBCs for my own sexual stimulation. Oh Yeah, I almost forgot, after Kaneda was done shooting his warm cum all over my back, my husband Jimmy decided to use my very stretched out pussy for his own sexual enjoyment... leaving yet another load of warm cum all over my back and ass. You have to see him shoot the back of my head with his powerful shot of cum, all the guys got a kick out of that. Now sit back and enjoy watching a naughty slut wife breakin' in a Bachelor Pad with style!!
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