Barbi goes for a ride on a sybian!

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Description: My naughty friend Karen can be quite influential, especially when it came to mentioning that her friend had a Sybian. Let me just say now, in case you've never heard of this orgasmic female pleasure toy, that this is the Ferrari of all female sex toys out there for sale (I compare this oversized toy to a Ferrari not because they cost upwards of thousands of dollars to own, and therefore you can see why I don't have one of my own… hint… hint wonderful Hubby, but because this thing is like a sports car in the way it is powered to deliver the optimum thrust and torque which most could never handle, but there if you should ever need it)! Anyway, I've heard all about the Sybian, and have been eager to try one out. So when Karen and I went over to her friend's house where she not only introduced me to her friend, but also to the Sybian, you can guess I was only too eager to have a ride on it. This saddle-like toy has a remote with two different settings. After some naughty girl talk, I decided it was time to see if all the hype of this larger than life sex toy was indeed worth the asking price. To add to the sexual adventure, Karen's friend had a camera, so I asked if she could tape my naughtiness for not only you to see, but for Jimmy to see how part of my day was spent as he was working. I brought along a sexy outfit to wear and literally tried the Sybian for the first time right on the spot before the camera. <p>I didn't know what to expect, but I was astonished to hear that the Sybian sounds like the engine from a lawnmower as I increased the vibration. My pussy was so wet from the cock-like attachment I had inside me that was vibrating and also moving around in a circular motion. I managed to set the vibration speed halfway before I uncontrollably orgasmed! I so badly want to try the Sybian again, as I would like to experiment more and see if my vibration tolerance could exceed the setting I had last time (hence the remark I mention earlier about the comparison between the Sybian and the Ferrari). Needless to say, when Jimmy viewed this video, it was a clear hint for him to know exactly what to get for me the next anniversary or holiday. I can't wait! Sybian here I cum!
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