Walk in the park

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Description: These pics of me walking around the ball park were taken by my dear friend Karen who happened to be at the ball park with Jimmy and I. You see, Jimmy had a championship softball game and as fun as watching the guys play ball, it does get pretty boring. So this time I brought Karen to enjoy the fun with me, that, and also I had a guy I wanted her to meet. During the two hour practice before the game, Karen and I made our own fun by taking photos of each other (as you will see by the poor quality of the images, Karen is by no means a professional photographer). I always attend the baseball games in a mini skirt with absolutely no panties underneath, and a top that allows me to flash my tits rather easily. I enjoy being the teams cheerleader ;) This time however there was a very large crowd gathered to watch the Championship Game, so I had to be a good girl, which meant only flashing my pussy as that was easily accomplished by simply opening up my legs when the guys were looking. I don't know if I had anything to do with the outcome of the game, but my Hubby's Team did win... Yay! I will make only one comment on the game, and that is, my Jimmy hit a HOMERUN... way to go HUNNY!!
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