Swimming naked

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Description: It has been so hot out here on the West Coast of the United States that I find myself always around water. This particular time, I was just trying to cool off while Jimmy was doing some work on his computer. I guess when he looked out and saw me in my blue and black bikini, it was just too hot for him to stay inside. Like always, Jimmy had his camera in hand and started to take some photos of me. I told him that the sun and heat would make for really ugly pictures of me (seeing how all I was doing was squinting from the sun and sweating profusely. I had makeup on earlier, but I don't think any remained on due to my swim in the pool). I don't particularly like these photos, but Jimmy thought you guys would like to see me not only in my bikini, but also enjoying a self induced orgasm poolside! I hope he is right and you find these photos hot! Yes, there was a pun intended there... he-he.
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