Shimmering angel

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Description: Shimmering Angel is what Jimmy called me when he saw me dressed in this mini dress. I can't imagine why he called me that... he-he. Anyway, this is a mini dress I wore out to dinner and to a dance club on our latest stay in Vegas. I wore no panties under the very short and flimsy dress, which at times if the light hits it just right, you can clearly see that it's see-thru. Needless to say, while walking around the casino with the bright lights shining on this shimmering mini-dress, I did notice a few men checking me out, and when Jimmy noticed in a mirror that anyone walking towards us could see the dark outline of my landing strip under the dress, he smiled and quietly mentioned it to me.<p>Hearing my husband tell me this was such a turn on, but to tell you the truth, I had already caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror and knew I was showing more than what a good girl should. While walking to our table once inside the restaurant I noticed a table of about ten middle aged men, probably in Vegas on business, all turn my way as I walked by them. It became apparent that one of the men had told the rest of them about my sheer dress, as when they looked in my direction, none of them made eye contact until after they glanced at my legs then chest, presumably trying to catch a view of my landing strip and cleavage. When the hostess pointed to our table, Jimmy without hesitation, made sure I had the seat towards the guys, making it possible to flash them as I ate my dinner. The guys finished their meals before Jimmy and I, but as they got up to exit the restaurant, they all either gave me a smile or thumbs-up, and one even motioned for me to follow them. Not wanting to disappoint them, I spread my legs to flash them all once more, as I motioned back to them that later Jimmy and I would be at the club located next door. This dress continued to stir up a lot of attention, especially at the dance club as I danced the night away with hot men as my husband Jimmy stood by to voyeur my naughtiness but that I will leave for the story section of the site as I have a lot to tell you about that sexually gratifying night!
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