Nude deliver at warehouse

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Description: If this warehouse was open I would be all set to take the deliveries in the rear... he-he! I had a lot of fun doing these photos as we thought it would be different to do a photo set in this semi-public place fully naked. I have to say though, I had no idea I would be watched by some electric company employees as I posed for the camera fully naked. You see, when we drove up onto the property we noticed a few electrical trailers that were left there by the electric company. What we didn't realize was the fact that at the end of their work day, they would be back to reconnect the trailers to their work trucks. You can imagine my surprise when out of the corner of my eye I noticed the trucks and the guys at the other end of the building. <p>You know me and I don't care if some guy(s) watch me get naked, actually it turns me on tremendously, to the point I start to get extremely wet with excitement! But what makes me laugh is how guys will hide to get glimpses of a naked woman, even when it is perfectly clear that she likes the attention of the men watching. These guys (7 of them in total) went out of their way to try and hide the fact that they noticed me posing for the camera (Jimmy had his nice camera with his flash going off all the time, no way to hide the fact that we were there doing a photo shoot). I didn't care about the guys, in fact they could have come right up to us to get a better viewing angle, so I stayed naked until we were done, which took about an hour. When we were heading out, we had to pass by them, so I smiled, waved and even blew a kiss to one of the younger guys. Maybe next time I can get them to be a little braver, as I do have plans to go back and do a video (maybe I could even get one or two of the electric company guys to join me).
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